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Group visa to China

Q1 What is a Group Chinese visa?
Chinese group visa is valid for a group of minimum two people traveling to China together.It is valid only for one entry and maximum staying in China of 30 days.This visa is not stamped on passport. It is issued on a seperate sheet with a visa and all members passport information. All documents for group visa application needs to be submitted electronically by email. Visa normally issued 10 days prior to travel and will be delivered to you by secured and traceble post once issued.

Individual Chinese Visa Application Questions & Answers

    Q1 When is the best time to apply for my Individual Chinese visa?
    The best time to start your Chinese visa application is about 2 month before your travel date.

    Q2 How long is a Chinese visa valid for?
    Single Entry Chinese visas are valid for entry within 3 months from the date the is visa issued; You may stay up to 30 or 60 days after landing. Double Entry allow you to enter twice within 6 months. Each time you can stay maximum 30-90days. Multiple entry visas are valid for either 6 months or 12 -24 months starting from the date it was issued.) The policy of Chinese Embassy is changing from time to time and without even giving a notice.At the moment, for British passport holder, it is by policy a two year multi-entries visa issued at a flat price.

    Q3 How long can I stay in China with a Chinese visa?
    The time you could actually stay in China, or "duration of stay after entry" is usually 30 days, or 60 days or 90 days from the date you land in China. Please work out your duration and answer the question on the Chinese Visa Application Form accordingly: 2.4 预计你一次在华停留的最长天数/ Your Longest Intended Stay in China ___.

    Q4 Do I have to send you my original passport and submit fingerprints in person? Can I apply for it online?
    For individual Chinese visa, the visa sticker will be pasted on your pssport.You do need to send original passport and submit fingerprints in person. For group visa, you only need to send scanned copy online.

    Q5 I'm going to China on 1st Sep, and my visa states 'Good to Enter Before 5th Sep', how long can I stay in China?
    As long as you enter China on or before the 'Good to Enter Date', you can stay for 30 or more days as stated on your visa 'Duration of Stay'. The duration of stay starts from the day you enter China.

    Q6 What does Single Entry and Double Entry mean?
    Single Entry Chinese Visa means the traveller enters China once within 3 months from the date the visa issued; Double entry Chinese Visa means the traveller enter China twice within 6 months from the date the visa issued.

    Q7 How do you send my passport back?
    We send all the passports back by secured Special Next Day Delivery, it is insured and guaranteed to arrive on the next day before 1 pm; You can also pick up your passport by yourself or arrange your own courier to come to collect it. We can also provide door to door delivery or meet you at the Heathrow airport, please contact us for further details.

    Q8 When would I expect my passport back?
    Counting from the date you submit fingerprints, the processing time plus the delivery time. If you use normal turn- around, you are about to receive your passport back in a week. If you travel in less than 10 days, please use Express or Urgent Service.

    Q9 Is the price all inclusive?
    Yes, it is all inclusive and you don NOT need to enclose a envelope for return your passport.

    Q10 Where do I download the Chinese Visa Application Form?
    Email us and we will send you the link of the form.

    Q11 Do I need a visa if I take a cruise to China? Do I need Single Entry or Double Entry or Multiple Entry Chinese Visa? What visa do I need if I take a cruise to stop over several ports in China.

    If your ship only stop over consecutive ports when visiting China, it count as one entry; You don't normally need a visa for stopping over one cruise port in China. Please get this confirmed with your cruise company.

    If your cruise ship visiting one China port then sail out to other country (for example Japan ) and then come back to another port of China, that count as two entries, you need double entry visa. 

    So, simply count how many ports your ship stop over China ports and does it sail out to other countries in between. Each time it sail out and come back, it count as a new entry; 

    If you are holding a British, EU or USA passport, you do not need visa for short visit to Hong Kong or Macau; As they are not part of mainland China; 

    P&O Cruises and Princess Cruises give clear print out instructions on which visa you need for visiting China, while some other cruise simply do not want to advise, to deal with those irresponsible cruise lines, you should demand a visa instruction before you book their cruise. 




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